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Voting Poll for Poem Selection

All right boys and girls. Frayd Tag Publishers wants YOU to choose the 3rd poem for me, to be included in the publication of ‘Cascades of Poetry’. Choose below from the Top 5 you have selected, you vote and tell us which one should be the winner!

Poem 1:



I am Ocean
pour yourself into me
dive to my depths
be buoyed by
my love
I am Ocean
I will keep
your secrets
Poem 2:
'Find Me'
Look for piles
of books
stacks of paper
in untidy reams
scattered jars of
pens dripping ink
there you will
find me a
happy poet
Poem 3:
'Loved By You'
Being loved
by you
is to know how
lightning is born
the ecstasy is
and transforming
Poem 4:
I dance
in the rain
jumping in
silver drops
on my tongue
I am Spring’s Child
after winter’s chill
Poem 5:
In the end
I became so
good at
that I 
lost myself
Vote for your favorite poem! Reply with your choice /title or number acceptable/ Results will be revealed Sunday morning! Thank you for your participation!!! I *love* my Mad darlings!! <3 =)
By a small landslide… it’s ‘Loved By You’.  THank you darlings for voting!!! <3 =)
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